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Project Overview

The core idea of the EU project SUCCESS initiative is to provide a rigorous scale‐up solution to gaseous fuel chemical looping combustion (CLC) covering both the scale‐up of the CLC plant technology and the scale‐up of oxygen carrier manufacturing technology to industrial scale.

Successful up‐scaling of CLC technology is heavily dependent on the up‐scaling of two aspects in parallel, namely

- Up‐scaling of reactor system
- Up‐scaling of particle manufacture

In order to face this challenge, most of the European institutions working in CLC have gathered for the SUCCESS initiative. Industrially available raw materials will be investigated to produce environmentally sound oxygen carriers based on the two most promising recipes of the previous INNOCUOUS project.A final batch of up to 5 tonnes of the most suitable material will be produced and undergo testing at a 1 MW pilot plant which will be modified in order to allow operation with gaseous fuels.