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Electricité de France

Electricité de France (EDF), a leader in the European energy market, has developed an integrated network of companies servicing over 36 million clients in Europe. EDF R&D provides guidance to the EDF group in its technological choices, in order to keep electricity costs competitive, prepare the generating facilities of the future, enhance the quality of supply while preserving the environment, as well as to develop innovative solutions. EDF R&D has developed a strong know‐how on the 3 CO2 Capture routes. EDF built in 2012 its own capture pilot plant based on Alstom’s AAP (Advances Amines Process). The CO2 capture team of EDF R&D’s research group “new generation technologies and thermochemistry” was/is embarked in various collaborative research projects: OXYCOAL 1 and 2 (UK), RELCOM, H2IGCC, OCTAVIUS (EU), DALMATIEN, AMELIE‐CO2 (FR) and is also strongly involved in testing at EDF’s Capture Pilot Plant (1,1 t/h CO2 captured / Alstom’s Advanced Amine Process) at Le Havre Power Plant. Our main expertise lies in process optimization (e.g. capture flowsheet) and
overall CCS plant assessment, but more specific studies are also on‐going: solvent/degradation products characterization and mechanisms, material issues and selection, combustion, etc. Methodologies and tools to assess new technologies in terms of performance, maturity and costs, such as: Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment, bott