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Stiftelsen SINTEF

SINTEF, Institute of Materials and Chemistry, Department of Energy Conversion and Materials. SINTEF has a main focus on materials formulation, shaping, development and testing related to technologies for CCS and power production. The group has therefore been involved in several EU projects like i.e. GRACE, ENCAP, DECARBIT, ICAP, CARENA, CHACET I and II, REAL‐SOFC, EFFIPRO, RAMSES, ÉCLAIR, ACCLAIM, DEMOCLOCK, HETMOC. Several of these projects are focused on development of oxygen carriers for i.e. CLC, CLR, CAR (CLOU) technologies. The materials have been tested in small scale reactors, TG and TPX for material characterisation. The group has a fixed bed CLC unit and a double fluidised bed CLC rig designed for attrition testing under real operating conditions. It includes double changeable filter systems for both fuel and air reactor.

The available hardware resources to be contributed comprise:

  • 3 kWth dual circulating fluidized bed test rig for chemical looping combustion/reforming of gaseous fuels, but with an aim of testing material attrition strength.
  • Analytical equipment for measurement of concentration of gaseous species and sulphur components
  • TPX, HPTG, SEM, XRD, BET equipment for material characterisation.