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SINTEF ER (a legal entity affiliated to SINTEF) is a contract research institute focusing on power production and conversion and has built up a sizeable group of people working within CCS technologies. In total SINTEF ER employs about 200 people. SINTEF ER, in collaboration with NTNU, has about 30 years of experience in numerical simulation of combustion processes and experimental capabilities within combustion and thermal energy, including a laser diagnostic combustion lab. SINTEF ER is co‐ordinating a Norwegian R&D project on CLC which is now a part of the BIGCCS International CCS Research centre, one of Europe’s largest R&D projects on CO2 capture and underground storage. Experience has also been built on oxy‐fuel and hydrogen combustion in CO2 capture processes through the Norwegian research program BIGCO2, and EU projects like ENCAP, DECARBit and DYNAMIS. Within combustion and particle flows SINTEF ER has developed a high level of expertise on the use of Direct Numerical Simulations, in close collaboration with Sandia National
Laboratories, and more recently with Stanford. SINTEF ER also has expertise within bio energy, gas technology and cryogenic processes, including modelling and simulation capabilities for both components and systems.
In the national CLC project, a 150 kW CLC pilot plant and a 1:1 scale cold flow model has been designed. The cold flow model has been used to verify and improve the design, and the 150 kW pilot plant is now in the final stage of construction with start of commissioning in November 2012. The design is novel in the sense that it enables flexibility in the flows between the reactors, and it has possibilities for makeup feeding and extraction of particles during operation. Rig velocities and fluidization modes are representative for industrial systems and will provide a valuable step for particle and system testing.

The available h

  • 150 kWth CLC pilot plant with flexible particle exchange system, online particle feeding and extraction for chemical looping combustion/reforming of gaseous fuels. Well equipped with instruments and control valves and a LabView control system.
  • Online gas analysis of exhaust O2, CH4, CO and CO2, and FTIR / GC measurement of other species.
  • Particle analysis at SINTEF particle lab.