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Darmstadt University of Technology

The Institute of Energy Systems and Technology (EST) at TUD has large experience in the field of power plant technology, particularly in solid fuel combustion processes and related CO2 capture techniques. Its key expertise lies in modeling and simulation of multiphase flows (e.g. coal‐fired boilers, mills, cyclones), modeling of heat exchanger systems (e.g. HRSG), steady‐state and dynamic simulation of power plant processes, and experimental investigations of solid fuel combustion processes in laboratory and pilot scale test facilities. A 1 MWth pilot plant consisting of two interconnected CFB reactors has been erected and operated to investigate the carbonate and chemical looping technologies for CO2 capture from coal combustion in semi‐industrial scale. Advanced process models including 1D reactor models have been developed for chemical looping combustion and other processes. A highly sophisticated in‐house CFD code using the discrete element method (DEM) for particle/particle interaction has been developed and validated for detailed 3D simulations of dense gas/particle flows. Advanced reaction models for solid fuel conversion, gas phase kinetics, radiative transfer etc. have been implemented into CFD codes for efficient simulations of solid fuel combustion devices.

Resources to be used in the project:

  • 1 MWth CLC pilot plant consisting of two interconnected CFB reactors
  • ASPEN CLC process model including 1D reactor models