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SINTEF ER 150kW pilot
SINTEF ER 150kW pilot


The 150 kW unit at SINTEF ER is currently under construction, commissioning is planned for mid 2013 and the unit will be available for testing from 2014. The air reactor (AR) and fuel reactor (FR) are both 6 meter high and are designed to operate in the range of fast fluidization and turbulent mode. AR diameter is 250 mm. FR diameter is 150 mm. It is designed to be flexible in that the particle flow can be routed several ways. The split loop seals allow for directing part of the particle flow back to the reactor it came from, making an internal loop to increase the particle residence time. The bottom lifter allows for directing part of the flow from the bottom of the FR to the AR and part of the flow through the cyclone and loop seal. This permits a high transfer rate of particles between the reactors. The reactor is equipped with 3 particle transport screws, all with variable speed, which enable filling of fresh particles and extraction of used particles during operation. The cooling system consists of steam cooling panels (heat exchangers) inside the AR, and steam coolers in the AR and FR exhaust. Steam as cooling media is chosen both for safety reasons and because the system will be more similar to industrial CFB's. The last part of the exhaust cooling is done by water injection and dilution air. The main features of the reactor system are summarized below:

  • Industrial type primary nozzles in air reactor, fuel reactor and loop seals.
  • Velocities representative for industrial CFB.
  • Reactor cooling by steam cooling panels in air reactor.
  • Possibilities for internal recirculation of particles to increase the particle residence time in both reactors.
  • Possibilities for routing the particle flow from FR both through the bottom lifter and through cyclone.
  • Heat‐up by introduction of heated air (up to max. 900 °C) to both reactors. In addition, normal CFB combustion can take place in the fuel reactor by introducing propane while the fuel reactor is fluidized with heated air. The system allows gradual transition from normal CFB combustion to CLC mode.
  • Variable speed feeding and extraction screws.
  • Well instrumented and control from LabView control system.