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Vienna 120kW CLC plant
Vienna 120kW CLC plant

Vienna 120kW

The 120 kW unit in Vienna has been designed for Ni‐based oxygen carriers and has been successfully operated since 2008 with various gaseous fuels (natural gas, syngas, refinery gas) and various oxygen carrier materials (ilmenite, Ni‐based carrier, reforming catalyst, copper‐based material, mixed oxides, iron‐olivine).

Main features of the Vienna 120 kW unit are:

  • High solids circulation rates up to 10 kg/MJ
  • Variable cooling jackets allow for independent control of air/fuel ratio and temperature
  • Solids sampling from loop seals connecting air reactor and fuel reactor during operation allows for determination of mean degree of oxidation and for calculation of the solids circulation rate from the oxygen balance
  • Iso‐kinetic sampling devices for dust sampling from off gas lines
  • Higher hydrocarbons (even liquids) and sulphur species can be fed to the fuel reactor and analytical equipment is in place to measure sulphur species in the off gas streams.
  • Safe handling device for oxygen carrier device