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Project Prospectives

The challange of SUCCESS is to scale-up the oxygen-carrier production to the 100 tonne scale, and to scale up the technology to 1 MW.
The duration of the project is from September 2013 to February 2017.

Industrially available raw materials will be used to produce environmentally sound oxygen carriers based on two highly successful materials developed of the p

  • applying the oxygen carrier production methods at industrially required scale and assuring the adequate performance,
  • development of standard for mechanical stability,
  • validation operation in four available smaller pilots <150 kW, of significantly different design,
  • operation with gaseous fuels in a 1 MW pilot plant, representing a scale up of the state of art by one order of magnitude,
  • detailed studies of reaction mechanisms and fluid-dynamics,
  • use of results in optimization of a previous design for a 10 MW demonstration plant and techno-economic study of fullscale plant,
  • assessment of health, safety and environmental issues associated with oxygen carrier handling including reuse or recycling strategies, and
  • quotations for production of >100 tonnes of material.